Future Projects

I have many irons in the fire:

I would like to work more for NOLS.   Maybe work in Africa.

I would like to go to Baffin Island.  This seems like a far off goal.  Someday, I suppose.

I would like to go back to Patagonia. Whether more time in the Avellanos, Chalten, or some as yet unknown location, it matters not.

Write more.  I would like to publish a book on spoon carving.  And I would like to write another book.  On what, I am not sure.

Climb more.  Do more first ascents: the Wind Rivers, Sinks Canyon, Patagonia, wherever.

I would like to learn to canoe and then do a trip on a giant Arctic river.

Past things that I have worked on:

Climbing more

I wrote and published a climbing guidebook to Capitol Reef National Park and Wayne County UT. Click here to view and buy from the publisher.

Expeditons to Patagonia: The Pirate Valley Expedition: website and blog and an expedition to the Avellano Towers in Southern Chile.

Going for runs…don’t do that much anymore.