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October 25, 2017 / / East Africa
September 18, 2017 / / Livin the dream

It seems I have acquired a large amount of debt. . .

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February 27, 2017 / / Alpine Notes

Jackson Hole Mountain Guides’ office is in a strip mall at the south end of town. The facade and interior are not classically strip mall-esque,…

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June 10, 2016 / / Livin the dream

My WordPress Dashboard tells me that the previous post The Reason (part III) was my 100th.  Thank you to all who have continued to click…

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March 24, 2016 / / Climbing
February 23, 2016 / / Climbing

“Man that line is awesome” I say to no one in particular.  Of the king lines we have seen this one has by far drawn…

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December 7, 2015 / / Family
September 28, 2015 / / Alpine Notes

They are the best of times, they are the worst of times, they are places of wisdom, they are places of foolishness, they are places…

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August 25, 2015 / / Alpine Notes

Doubt, fear’s twin brother, confidently raised it’s beastly head today. It came as I stared upward at the imposing chimneys. It was there again as…

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May 17, 2015 / / India

The day started much like the previous ones in India, with us cooking on a porch and rain falling from the sky.  This morning we…

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May 17, 2015 / / Alpine Notes

Cassiopeia and Ursa Major make their slow, daily rotation around the hulking 6,611 meter shoulder of the Nanda Devi satellite peak, Nanda Khat (the bed…

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May 17, 2015 / / Alpine Notes

Above me white puffs of cloud swirl in and out of blue skies.  They coalesce out of nothingness, dance and paint the blue sky canvas…

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May 17, 2015 / / Alpine Notes

Isn’t actually a road at all, at least in the direction from which we are approaching.  Initially it is a wide expanse of white snow,…

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December 26, 2014 / / Livin the dream
November 4, 2014 / / Alpine Notes

“I can’t get all this stuff into my pack.” Whether the first day, the second, or the day after a ten day re-ration, the comment…

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