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My WordPress Dashboard tells me that the previous post The Reason (part III) was my 100th.  Thank you to all who have continued to click on the links that bring you here and  to my other blogs about Patagonia and guidebook writing.  I am glad you find what I have to share appealing.

It has been an interesting process, winding through hills and dales, over peaks and through valleys (both metaphorically and literally) and then sharing it publicly.  When I started this blog in December of 201o my goal was two fold.  First, it was to give me a reason to write.  Second, it was to help me figure out how the internet worked.  The first goal was wholly successful.   The second not so much.  But that is OK.  Having this blog and trying to produce a post every month has forced me to sit, write and reflect.  And for that I am grateful.

I think my most popular post, based upon data provided by WordPress, has been Never Never Land (on being a NOLS instructor….) .  That whole category of posts is quite popular but for some reason or other, it is that one that gets the most hits.  Listed below are links to some of my favorite posts.  Please leave a comment naming your favorite post too!

Dhana Dura

Road to Martoli

The Pay Scale (on being a NOLS instructor…)

Cowboys and Climbers

Black Elk Speaks

On Being a NOLS Instructor

River of Dreams Part I and Part II

The next five and half years are a mystery to me.  I hope that you decide to tag along for the wandering and discovery.


Featured Image:  Me at La Brecha before attempting to climb the south side of Fitz Roy.






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