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Author’s Note: The November 7th of 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of my father’s unexpected passing.  He was 46.  In the 23rd year after his death I actively engaged with my own therapist for the first time.  In August of 2020 my therapist asked me, among other things, to do two assignments; one was to write a letter to my dad and the other was to write a letter from my dad to me, as if he was still alive and we were still interacting.  Here are those letters.

Click here for an easier to read .pdf version

The first two pictures are a letter to my dad.  The third is my dad writing to me.  I must say that while I don’t know if the content of the third is super accurate, I did a pretty good job of replicating his hand writing.


Featured Image: Vicky somewhere on the Appalachian Trail in Northcentral Maine circa 1994

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